Analyse Property Deals,

The Smart Way.

The Property Deal Analyser allows you to combine everything into one single place.

Streamline your life, improve your productivity and spend your time working on what matters most.

So you'd like to be a better property investor? Awesome! Building the right systems and processes is one of the best ways improve and grow your business (even from scratch), but the process for getting started can feel daunting.

What are all the metrics I should be analysing? How do I keep track of a pipeline of property projects. What's the *at a glance* profit of each project. How do I avoid having multiple spreadsheets for each property?

I'm going to help you cut through the confusion—to not only learn how to properly systemise your business but also give you a greater chance of success in finding an epic property deal as a result of your organisation and productivity by having better pipeline management.

Quickly plug in the key numbers, work out all your costs, ROI and profit instantly and analyse whether it's even worth viewing a property.

Save yourself hours of time wasted by having the visual ability to bin non-profitable projects straight away meaning that every property you do view is fully analysed and primed for success.

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